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The Nations of Zioa

on 2018-04-28, 4:32 am

Parthas | Shaxia | Cadmira | Merim | Yuthi

Pronounciation Guide:

Zioa (zai-OH-wah)

Parthas (PAR-thas)
-- Gaderas (GAH-deh-ras)
-- Bria (BREE-ya)
-- Ainem (EYE-nem)
-- Mahed (MAKH-hed)

Shaxia (SHACK-si-ya)
-- Kepi (KEH-pi)
-- Angtu (UNG-too)
-- Xang (Shang)
-- Hantsun (hunt-SOON)

Cadmira (cad-MI-ra)
-- Mesmia (MEZ-me-ya)
-- Irisa (EE-ruh-sa)
-- Atmabia (at-MAY-bee-ya)

Merim (meh-RIM)
-- Thelax (THAE-lax)
-- Gyphis (GI-phus [hard G])

Yuthi (YOU-thee)

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Re: The Nations of Zioa

on 2018-04-28, 4:45 am

Capital City: Gaderas
Religion: Monotheist (Creator Only) & Eskatonic
Religious Events:

Zur Kadim (ZOOR ka-DIM) - "To Cut the Mountain"
1st of January. The nation fasts for one day as a rememberance to how the Parthese army of old defeated Merimian invaders, despite the Merimian's vantage point. They will burn candles and for one night, the Ahntsag conduct a ceremony with light magic to express gratitude to the Creator for their survival.

Nagsaha Tse (NUG-sa-ha TSUH) - "Fruit & Barley"
Spring. A public holiday. Church ceremonies are conducted across Parthas to thank the Creator for the provision of resources. Historically after the Church ceremony, the Parthese would bring ornate culinary dishes to the town square and partake in a feast - however, this is impossible in modern times due to the sheer number of citizens. Today, the Parthese celebrate Nagsaha Tse with their family and loved ones, with all members bringing at least some form of food to the party.

Ehs Absu (ESS ab-SOO) - "A Shrine on the Sea"
Summer. A public holiday. Ehs Absu is the oldest holiday for the Parthese, which celebrates the very first Zioans sailing from the eastern coast of Yuthi into what is now known as the western coast of Parthas. At sunset, a council of Ahntsag leaders broadcast prayers and motivational messages to the country, and by nightfall, the Parthese will hold parties on boats or by the coast.

Kiulu Kalagu (KYOO-loo KA-la-guu) - "Mourning for the Dearest One"
Autumn. A public holiday. Kiulu is a solemn event, held over three days in which tales of the Creator and his sorrow of being forgotten by the Celestials are revisited. The existence of the Salqanam as representing the heart of the Creator are emphasized and similar to the practice of the Seipat, the Ahntsag will plant new trees to symbolize the new life that the Creator sparked when forging the Salqanam.

Government: Feudal Monarchy on the verge of becoming an Extremist Theocracy
Landscape & Climate:
Semi-arid, with a large, mountainous region and the River Tilmas running across Gaderas. Between Ainem and Gaderas lies the Dashvir Desert, giving way to marshland between Ainem and Mahed.
Trade & Resources: Weaponry, Mining
Characteristics: Martial Society, emphasis on Military Development. The Parthese believe in faith and honour above all else.

Cities: Visual Guide
Classes: Ahntsag & Ruaj
Factions: Seh Dem-Hara | The Eskatonic Church
Notable Figures:

Ahuratum, King of Parthas
@Barsoum , Prince of Parthas
@Kephas , General of the Parthese Army

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Re: The Nations of Zioa

on 2018-04-28, 4:54 am

Capital City: Xang
Religion: U/C
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Landscape & Climate:
With dry seasons and wet monsoons, the differences between Shaxian winters and summers are extreme. Snowy mountain ranges sit across the northern border, while grassland plateaus surround the city of Hantsun. The northwest is quite arid, with the Klibi Desert to the southwest of Angtu. The Shintono River runs through Kepi from northern Yuthi.
Resources & Trade: Technology & Weaponry, Agriculture
Characteristics: An old, powerful nation with impressive technological advancements, governed by the mighty few.

Cities: Visual Guide
Classes: Iribar & Getsu
Factions: The Technocracy | The Gongbaku
Notable Figures:
@Istrak, The Mad Poet

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Re: The Nations of Zioa

on 2018-04-28, 5:01 am

Capital City: Mesmia
Religion: Polytheist
Religious Festival (Ukita):
Ukita Festival

Spring. A month-long public holiday to celebrate the power of the Celestials for the provision of resources. Celestial Children are given special invitation to Cadmira and treated with great honour. Battles between the most powerful Dubsar are also conducted during this holiday as a symbol of Celestial power (much like gladiator battles), with the Celestial Children given prominent seating.
Government: Oligarchy
Landscape & Climate:
Cadmira's extensive mountain ranges dominate the landscape, separating various basins. To the south, near Mesmia and Atmabia, lush lowlands abound.
Resources & Trade: Agriculture, Mining
Characteristics: A proud, technologically stable nation with a vast and dark magical legacy.

Cities: Visual Guide
Classes: Dubsar
Factions: The Cabal | The Techno-Mages | The Meteh Sharur - Inactive
Notable Figures:

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Re: The Nations of Zioa

on 2018-04-28, 5:08 am

Capital City: Gyphis
Religion: Polytheistic, but dedicated to the Maatkassa (dark Maatsgid). Small pockets of society will also pay tribute to Nusu, the god of conscience and the father of the Maatsgid.
Religious Events. Note that they are named after notable Maatkassa:

Nebgaren Festival: New Year, Death & Rebirth. Elderly sacrifice in order to resurrect via necromancy. A spell is then cast to send the bones out to sea, fashioned into a boat-like model. Partying ensues.

Woth Festival: Spring. The most renowned Jorpa demonstrate their magical knowledge over three nights and pass on their wisdom to young alcolytes.

Sokho Conference: Spring. An internationally famous tech and weapons conference in which new inventions that combine both technology and magic offensively are showcased.

Khet Festival: Mid-Year. A feat of strength. Powerful Jorpa challenge one another to consume one another's deadliest poisons, calling upon the Maatkassa they serve. Those who survive are partakers of the festival's sexual component, often still under possession of their Maatkassa.

Rotha Festival: Summer. Child sacrifice is conducted as a token of appreciation and a plea to the Maatkassa to continue protecting Merim.

Ot Conference: Autumn. The Government Council members hold a conference with the Jorpa, in which modifications may be made to governing the nation of Merim.

Waqid Day: December 3. A public holiday to honour all sacrifical lives.

Bubaht Day: December 23. A public holiday in which it is illegal to sacrifice women and children. Children who are born on this day are, by law, not allowed to be used for sacrifice.

Omin Day: December 31. A public holiday in which it is illegal to sacrifice men. Children who are born on this day are, by law, not allowed to be used for sacrifice.
Government: Theocracy under the guise of Dictatorship
Landscape & Climate:
Merim is largely desert, with several oases across the nation. Their weather is extreme, and the occurrences of scorching days and chilly nights are not uncommon. Most citizens live along the coastline.
Trade & Resources: Offensive Magic, Magic-compatible Technology & Weaponry
Characteristic: A society which revolves almost entirely around Maatkassa worship. Human sacrifice is common and seen as a necessity and a privilege.

Cities: Visual Guide
Classes: Jorpa
Factions: The Paroch
Notable Figures:

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Re: The Nations of Zioa

on 2018-04-28, 5:19 am

Capital City: Because of its largely ungoverned area, Yuthi does not have a capital. However, there are several regions to note.
Religion: Shamanism, Animism, Ancestor Worship. Special reverence for Nusu, god of Conscience.
Government: Tribal
Landscape & Climate:
Most of central Yuthi is subarctic, with the western and southern regions possessing a semi-arid climate. The coastal part of southern Yuthi has a humid subtropical climate with mild and wet winters.
Resources & Trade: Mercenaries, Beasts [Illegal]
Characteristics: Tribal warriors who place honour first, conscious and responsible regarding the Zioan environment.

Regions: Visual Guide
Classes: Seipat
Factions: The Eaters | The Mutsum
Notable Figures:
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Re: The Nations of Zioa

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